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I am very excited to describe our online study group called FEA Elite. If you are sitting the June 2016 exam, and are committed to working harder and smarter than the competition to pass the test, then this group is for you.

FEA Elite is an exclusive group limited to strongly committed candidates. The do not charge any entrance fee, but we do however reserve the right to only accept candidates that indicate a sufficient level of commitment to stand out from the average CFA candidate.

FEA Elite is an exclusive group of candidates committed to push themselves and the rest of the group to leave the remaining candidates in the dust. We are going for a 100% pass rate amongst our class of June 2016, so there is no space for procrastinators, late starters and halfhearted commitments.

On the other hand if you know you are willing and able to work hard, but want guidance on how to work smarter to get the optimal result out of your efforts then please send an email to info@financialexamacademy.com answering the following two questions to enroll:

Question 1. Are you prepared to start your study program at least 21 weeks in advance of the test (9 January 2016) to follow the program?

Question 2. Are you willing and able to commit to a study program requiring 15 hours a week for the first 15 weeks and 25 hours a week for the remaining 6 weeks of revision leading up to the test? Please consider other commitments (work, studies, family, social life etc.) to ensure this is realistic?

Enrollment is open from today. Please don’t delay if you would like to join us, as you will get the best results the sooner you join.

Looking forward to see you inside, and help improving your chances to pass the June 2016 level 1 test.

Setting yourself up for the 21 week study program:

If you have committed to join FEA Elite there are a couple of things you can do in advance to get the ball rolling before we start the actual study program on January 9, 2016.

1. Create a question log (explanation & instructions are here).

2. Get a dependable flashcard app (why use flashcards? Which CFA flashcard app to use?).

3. Get a study guide (You can complete the CFA level I without a study guide, but this post will explain why I think most candidates would benefit from owning one).

The 21 week study plan

Lastly here is a progress chart for the 21 week study program:

21 Week CFA Level 1 Study Program

Source: Financial Exam Academy. Based on the June 2016 CFA level 1 curriculum

If you have signed up for FEA Elite you will receive a weekly email with detailed instructions for the week ahead and if you respond with your own progress stats, you will receive personal coaching to stay on track.

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